With its clear structure and pioneering corporate philosophy, the Lipy Group has been an independent family company and a successful player in the market for more than 35+ years and is still evolving sustainable today.We produce writing paper, offset printing paper for customers- products that you encounter often in everyday life. We make functional and technical paper and also paper that appeals to the senses because of its beauty, color and formation.

Our corporate structure is based on quality, trust and mutual respect. We set ourselves apart from our rivals through our innovative strength and outstanding performance. Satisfied customers and comitted staff are the most important requirements for lasting success.

The immediate proximity for our location to people and nature means a special obligation for us. That is why treating our resources with care is an inseparable part of securing the future of our company.We embrace our responsibility for our workforce, environment and society. We are comitted to building upon the strengths and dynamism of or family business so that we remain reliable employer and forward looking partner to our friends in business.

Lipy Paper Mill Lipy-Group

Lipy Paper Mills Ltd, established in 2016 over a span of 7 acre area. The mill is located 10 km intercity from Dhaka in Changine, Modonpur, Kanchpur, Sonargaon (Beside Modonpur Rural Electric Board and Olympic Biscuit factory), Bangladesh.

*180 fixed local and foreign Employees

*Food and Accommodation for 200 people

*Outdoor playground facilities for football and cricket

*Religion is very important. One mosque is built for this purpose

*State of the art 6 MW gas power generation

*Whole paper mill is thunder and fire protected via encircling the mill with water pipes and automation integrated copper boring wires

*200 m3 waste water management system for reusing of water or paper mill process

*Rain water harvesting to lower depending of underground water resurces and reduce carbon footprint

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85 GSM, A4 and A3 Ream
white, 250 sheets & 500 sheets

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75 GSM, A4 Ream
white, 250 sheets & 500 sheets

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Lipy Asian Star


65 GSM, A4 Ream
White, 500 sheets

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55 GSM, A4 Ream
White, 500 Sheets

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55-120 GSM, White

Dimension As Per Customer Requirement.

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55-120 GSM, White

Dimension As Per Customer Requirement.

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Greencert Bangladesh is the independent body who has done the ISO 9001 : 2015 certification.

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At Lipy Group, we take environmental protection seriously. We have one of the biggest Effluent treatment plant in Bangladesh for recycling the paper mill waste water. No chemicals are used in our ETP project. The Water is reused in the paper mill and the excess is fed to the local pond where aqua life is rejuvenated. Planting trees is an obligation for all companies. We are green scaping Dhaka and its surroundings by planting trees in the road side in rural and urban areas. Environment protection is in our core business model; minimizing waste for our future generation and maximizing profitability.


Lipy Paper Mills Ltd makes Contract with Overmade Srl, Italy.

Lipy paper makes Contract with Overmade, Italy for brand new key Paper machine components enhancing smoothness, removing dirt spots, ensuring uniform bulk throughout the paper.

Lipy Paper mill is continuing philanthropical activities year round. In a country like Bangladesh giving back to the community means a lot of social awareness and activities with the local communities. People are so busy feeding handful to their family that they tend to forget this simple and essential cause.

Lipy paper Mill invites people to plant trees, arrange meetings to nominate people from each village and train them to encourage in cultivating pulp and fruit bearing trees. This process is doing continuously each month.

Even 12 degree Celsius temperature can be fatal cold in a tropical country like Bangladesh. Warm clothes are provided to the local people who are in need. In many places getting clean drinkable water is a major issue. We at Lipy Group help local communities set up wells and manual pumps to get underground water deep enough to avoid arsenic layer.

At Lipy Group, we know that equality can cause problem but equal opportunity can enhance credibility and value to a person or a community. School students join Lipy paper mill for a week of training in certain areas of their interest each winter break. Paid and unpaid Internship opportunities are open whole year round for people who are smart, talented in certain areas and want to enhance their curriculum Vitae.

We know there are more areas where we can help. Lipy Group certainly wants to help the community more generously and continue the philanthropic activities each year. We encourage others companies despite their size of business to do the same.

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